Nutrition to help you through the holidays

Nutrition to help you through the holidays

These are my lazy nutrition tips to keep well even if you like to go all out on the festive fun!

Regretfully I don’t have an antidote to drinking a pint of baileys, which is something my brother-in-law actually did. Yes, he did feel horribly sick.


Liver-loving nutrients

Cruciferous vegetables

The classic Christmas side dishes Brussel sprouts and red cabbage are cruciferous vegetables - great for liver health!

Load up your plate with veggies and you’ll feel much better after the drinks and desserts.

Supplements for liver care

Keep up your Pollution Protection Daily Multi habit despite being out of your weekday routine. 

It’s full of antioxidants and liver-caring nutrients (hence the name), including:

  • B Vitamins - depleted by alcohol consumption
  • Vitamin C
  • N-Acetyl-Cysteine, which replenishes Glutathione levels, your liver’s essential repair antioxidant

For special occasions, take 2 capsules with breakfast, and an additional 2 capsules after your main meal. 

(Normally take 2 per day but parties call for extra nutrition)

Note that these tips are still helpful if you don’t drink alcohol but make the most of the sweet treats on offer!

More fibre in the veggies, plus chromium and alpha lipoic acid in Pollution Protection multivitamin, help with balanced blood sugar levels.


Look after your immune system

No one wants to get a cold over the holidays, and there are some real nasties going around. 

Vitamin D supplements (provided in your Pollution Protection Multi) are essential through winter and being deficient impacts your immunity.

Keep Immune Support in the cupboard; for best results, take at the first sign of a sniffle or following exposure, rather than waiting until you’re ill.


Take any holiday opportunities for rest

If you routinely struggle with sleep, even when you’re supposed to be off work, try magnesium first - it’s a low cost solution and a common nutrition insufficiency.

Insufficient magnesium can be related to restless legs, muscle cramps, and difficulty switching off. 



If you wake in the night with overactive thoughts, or you’re struggling with getting to sleep due to a worried mind at the moment, try Night Support.

Night Support is also helpful if you have challenging relatives/visitors to deal with! It’s calming, not sedating, and taking it in the day can soothe your mood.


The gift of better sleep

We all know people with sleep troubles! So, if you’re in need of a thoughtful gift that won’t go to waste, check out our sleep page.

Unlike most supplements, City Survivor packaging looks good enough to give.

Night Support is perfect for those struggling with stress or sleep issues as it works right away and is safe for most adults - it doesn’t contain herbs/nutrients known to have common pharmaceutical drug interactions. 

If your recipient has complex health concerns then it’s best not to give them any remedies - you could consider the lovely Just Sleep essential oils though.


If you need any advice with your supplements, get in touch -

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