About City Survivor

City Survivor’s high-quality nutrition capsules are effective and simple to use, offering targeted support for modern life’s challenges.

Helping you sleep better, regain your energy and keep well, whatever stress comes your way.

We are a local, ethical brand: made in the UK and packaged in endlessly recyclable metal.

Quality is our primary concern. Where a lot of supplements are loaded with additives - bulking and glazing agents, flavour enhancers, colours, emulsifiers, sweeteners - at City Survivor we fill capsules only with the best quality active nutrients.

We also stock other carefully selected brands so all your nutrition needs are covered.

Every City Survivor ingredient and each product from our partner brands is selected by our founder and Nutritional Therapist Daisy Connor.

How City Survivor helps you

Modern life is stressful

This modern environment puts huge pressure on our health. It’s too common to struggle with low energy and poor sleep.

Food quality isn’t what it was and on top of poor nutrient intake, our bodies are bombarded with environmental toxins.

Food supplements can't do away with our need for proper food, but in the hectic modern world, the extra nutrition help is invaluable.

The goal of City Survivor supplements

City Survivor products are formulated for:

  • better sleep
  • antioxidant pollution protection
  • energy support
  • immune health
  • caring for ourselves during times of stress.

    City Survivor supplements contain only the best quality, highly effective ingredients so you really feel the difference when taking them.
  • Easy to understand & simple to use

    A small product range with names you can understand. 

    Busy people forget to take their supplements; these don’t need refrigeration and there are no messy powders or liquids.

    Take them at work, keep them in your bag, put Night Support by your bed.

    City Survivor ingredients are best quality, in their active nutrient forms for efficacy. All are well-absorbed by the body - no "expensive-wee" tablets here!

  • Local & ethical

    Designed and manufactured in the UK. 

    Excipient free - advanced encapsulation technology means capsules are crammed full of active ingredients only.

    City Survivor capsules are powered by 100% renewable energy.

    City Survivor bottles are specially commissioned recyclable metal tins - to avoid poorly recycled and polluting plastic tubs.