Fads vs forever healthy habits

Fads vs forever healthy habits

If you’re interested in natural health and wellbeing, there are constantly new ideas (and products!) to discover in the world of fitness, natural remedies, and ‘wellness’.

It's easy to get drawn in and try new things for a while, before flitting on to the next thing.

I say this with confidence, being just such a person!

A cabinet, discovered to be stuffed full of my sad forgotten exercise equipment and health hacks, was named ‘Daisy’s box of fads’ by my husband. And that’s on top of the countless health or personal improvement books that remain half finished!

Unfortunately, it’s super easy to develop bad habits (like when a new bakery moved in next door and cardamom buns became associated with a nice day at work!!), or fail to turn a good intention into a longterm habit (like every time I try to like running).

Still, one thing I’m good at sticking with is healthy nutrition basics.


Nutrition Research on Daily Habits

Maintaining good daily nutrient intake isn’t a fad - your body depends on it! And it definitely has a positive effect on your health.

For example, research shows that eating a bigger variety of plants will positively affect gut health.

And that a daily multivitamin can slow age-related cognitive decline.


Daily Nutrition Supplement Habits

Some supplements resolve an immediate problem, and because you feel the difference it’s easy to keep up; you won’t forget to take Night Support if work’s been stressful and it helped you sleep the night before!

But better food choices and nutrition supplements like multivitamins or omega oils build a slower, ongoing improvement.

So they’re much easier to forget.

The solution is building a habit into your daily routine.

You wouldn’t forget to have coffee in the morning, or to clean your teeth, and it’s possible for vitamin and food intake to become similarly automatic.


Top tips for building long standing nutrition habits

Eat your greens

Keep bags of quality mixed leaves in the fridge (vary them to achieve plant diversity - rocket, watercress, red leaves…change it up). Always add a handful to your breakfast and lunch.

Yes, breakfast! There’s nothing nicer than rocket or fresh herbs with eggs.

If you’re more of a cereal person you can still increase your plant intake with varied seeds and berries.

Vary this according to your needs - if you don’t get on with raw salad, keep roast or steamed vegetables in the fridge, and jars of vegetable antipasti.

Make Healthy Snacking Easy

Keep healthy snack options in stock and on display - a bowl of tangerines and apples, a jar of mixed nuts and dark chocolate.

Keep Supplements Where You Use Them

Always keep your essential supplements in stock and don’t put them away, e.g.:

Getting these daily nutrition essentials will improve your health and protect against nutrient deficiencies and associated health problems down the line.

If these sound too simple because you already eat fresh veg with every meal, or keep up with your daily vitamins, the point is more about the process.

Any healthy choice can become an immutable daily action when it’s associated with your daily routine, and when you remove the need for decision-making.


I encourage our City Survivor customers to keep several months of their vitamins in stock with multipack discounts and subscription deliveries.

Removing obstacles (in this case the decision making and admin of re-ordering) is a key way to maintain good habits!

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