Natural Solutions for Hayfever

Natural Solutions for Hayfever

Hay readers!

Hayfever is the most common allergy in the UK, and the unpleasant symptoms (itching, a lot of snot, etc) are caused by an overreaction of the immune system to pollen.

Immune cells release histamine which causes inflammation - this increases blood flow to aid immune function which is an important reaction when we encounter pathogens!

The pollen allergen isn’t really a risky pathogen of course, but the immune reaction goes OTT, causing itching, redness, inflammation, sneezing and mucous.

Beta-glucans for hayfever

Luckily there are some remedies to temper this immune reaction.

Research shows that taking beta-glucans daily for 4 weeks can reduce symptoms of hayfever - likely due to:

  • improvements in Th1/Th2 balance

    (the activity of Th2 immune cells are out of balance in allergy sufferers);

  • and a decrease of inflammatory cytokines

    (chemical messengers promoting inflammation).

So it's a good idea to keep taking your Immune Support for the transition from cold & flu season through to hayfever season.

Beta-glucans reduce allergy symptoms

In one study, ragweed allergy sufferers taking Beta-Glucan 1,3/1,6* for 4 weeks reported these improvements compared to placebo:

  • reduced total allergy symptoms (28%)

  • reduced symptom severity (52%)

  • decreased sleep problems (53%)

  • reduced nasal symptoms (59%)

  • reduced eye symptoms (57%)

  • reduced non-nasal symptoms (50%)

Importantly, sufferers reported significant improvements in their overall quality of life and emotional wellbeing.

(Ragweed is a high-pollen plant in the US which seems to be spreading in the UK due to warmer weather) 

* note that this specific beta-glucan called 1,3 1,6, derived from yeast, is the only relevant one here. There are other types of beta-glucan, found in oats, and used to lower cholesterol.

 Rapeseed flowers in summer

Natural hayfever remedies

As well as taking my Immune Support with Beta Glucans, I find the following useful for reducing hayfever symptoms:

  • Stérimar natural seawater nasal spray

  • Haymax allergy balm - I also use a beeswax lip balm, pretty similar thing. A balm around the nostrils reduces how much pollen physically gets in.

Ideally, start taking beta-glucans before the hayfever starts; if already suffering, you may find the need to continue with your standard anti-histamines as well.

But you should enjoy symptomatic relief pretty quickly.


Have you managed hayfever symptoms well this year? Let us know! Thanks for reading,



Last updated 11/05/2023

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