Feeling better, easily

Feeling better, easily

Feeling better is weirdly difficult to notice and keep track of. When you introduce a healthy habit, an overnight miracle doesn’t usually* occur.

(*except when the problem is sleep and you try Night Support obvs)

Gradual improvements mean you acclimatise, forgetting past discomforts.

It happens to everyone which is why natural health practitioners ask you to rate your symptoms at each appointment.

Then when you forget about the back pain you had before consulting them, or how close you previously came to PMS related murder, they can show you the old scores and prove how great their advice was!

Health builds slowly but surely on a foundation of your daily nutrition habits.

You don’t immediately develop a Galadriel-like glow after taking healthy leftovers with broccoli for lunch one day, any more than you clog an artery after one trip to Greggs.

A good multivitamin is like the healthy packed lunch.

You might take it for a week or so. You think you should, it’s surely good for you….but then you fall out of the habit.

You often forget it in the morning. Not sure you noticed a remarkable difference anyway, so maybe it’s not worth the expense?

But think gradual Galadriel.

When you keep up the multivitamin habit for 3 months, your nail condition gradually improves, your skin looks brighter, you feel more energetic.

You cope better with stress. You don’t catch one cold after another. You feel hungover only a teensy bit after the christmas party rather than wallowing in bed all day.

Pollution Protection review: I was feeling run down and I've really noticed a difference in my energy levels since taking these AND an improvement in the condition of my skin, hair and nails.


And in the long run, striving for better nutrient intakes (with both food and supplements) has profound implications for your health. 

Studies show that eating more vegetables and fruit lowers our risk of mortality.

And remember this study showing a daily multivitamin could slow age-related cognitive decline?

How not to backslide on your healthy habits

Make it easy by removing barriers

I love supplements because capsules = simple.
It’s good for you, and it takes only 2 seconds to achieve. 

(Yes, absolutely feel a sense of achievement after eating breakfast and taking your supplements! Life is busy and hard)

But however easy they are to take, you can still forget. 

Overcome this barrier by keeping them visible on the kitchen counter for mealtimes. 


The other barrier to healthy habits is indecision. When busy or stressed, decision making becomes challenging.

Solve that with subscriptions - available on all our nutrition supplements. 

Get an automatic monthly delivery, keep them visible, and you’ll remember to take them daily.

Plus by subscribing you get a permanent discount, thereby reducing cost - another barrier to healthy habits!

Save 15% with a monthly subscription for Pollution Protection Daily Multi


Here are my basic daily supplement recommendations.

These ensure you get nutrients commonly lacking in our diets, especially Vitamin D, Magnesium and Omega 3 fats:


If you haven’t already, hop over to the shop for your ideal supplements - and if you’re not sure what’s right for you, email your questions to hello@citysurvivor.co.uk


Remember, not all supplements are suitable for every person. 

If you have health conditions or take medications, you need to check with your doctor too.

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