5 signs you need more magnesium

5 signs you need more magnesium

Common health concerns that may improve when you get more magnesium:
  • Sleep problems
  • Feeling you lack energy
  • Muscle cramps & menstrual cramps
  • PMS
  • Migraines

All so common, no doubt you regularly experience at least one of them!

All of them can be related to insufficient levels of magnesium.

And while there are of course a myriad of other potential causes and contributing factors for these health concerns, magnesium is a safe and sensible remedy to try.

Low magnesium intake in the UK population

A shocking number of UK adults have low magnesium intakes! This is known from population studies based on food and supplement intake.

We don’t routinely get blood tests for magnesium since the bulk of magnesium is stored away in bone, muscle & soft tissue.

Why do we have poor magnesium intake?

Firstly because of lower magnesium in fresh foods due to soil depletion and food processing. And due to our food choices.

These are good sources of magnesium - are you eating plenty of them daily?

🥬 dark leafy greens

🌰 nuts and seeds

🐟 fish

🧆 beans

🥤 mineral water (check the composition; different brands have varying mineral content. Some are higher in sodium, others provide lots of magnesium)

🌾 whole grains (milling of grains drastically reduces mineral content)

Secondly, because of stress. Magnesium is lost more quickly from the body when we’re stressed. The majority of people in the modern world struggle with stress.

Benefits of magnesium


Magnesium deficiency is associated with insomnia.

I usually recommend magnesium as an evening supplement because its calming impact on the brain, as well as on tense muscles, tends to promote more restful sleep.

Muscle relaxation

With low magnesium, you’ll experience cramping & twitching muscles, restless legs, period cramps and eye twitches. Plus it takes longer to recover from intense exercise.


Magnesium is vital for energy production! Hence the potential for magnesium status to impact energy levels. Of course, if you notice persistent fatigue you must see your GP, as there are many causes.

Premenstrual Syndrome

A study on the effects of magnesium on PMS found that magnesium significantly reduced PMS symptoms; and a combination of magnesium and vitamin B6 was even more effective.

It’s important to take the supplements routinely for at least 2 months before assessing their impact.

You can easily take magnesium and B6 daily with the supplement combo recommended below.


Evidence suggests that routine magnesium supplementation can act as a preventative, reducing the frequency and severity of migraine incidence.

The best magnesium supplements

If you tried a magnesium supplement and didn’t see a difference, don’t rule it out! Unfortunately, many brands sell poorly absorbed magnesium supplements.

Avoid magnesium oxide unless you’re in need of a laxative. For optimal absorption that’s gentle on the bowel, I use a blend of bisglycinate and citrate. Once people try it, they don’t go back to other brands.

Low stomach acid impairs absorption of dietary magnesium.

If you struggle with sluggish digestion or take any kind of acid-reducing medication, try topical magnesium (via bath salts and body oils) as well as supplements.

Try this easy & effective supplement routine

Magnesium is a macromineral, we need a lot of it. This means that unlike trace minerals (selenium, iodine, copper etc) or vitamins which we need in tiny amounts, it’s impossible to get enough magnesium in a multivitamin tablet.

So, we’re better off taking magnesium separately.

Increase your magnesium as well as covering your intake of essential vitamins & minerals with this supplement combination:

1) Pollution Protection Daily Multi with Antioxidants (taken with breakfast or lunch)

2) Vital Minerals Magnesium (taken before bed)

You’ll treat your body to the best quality vitamins & minerals plus an antioxidant complex, for energy and general modern life support.


Last updated: 9th November 2022

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