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Just Sleep Set with Himalayan Salt Rocks

Just Sleep Set with Himalayan Salt Rocks

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This set includes Elan's Just Sleep Aromatherapy Blend with a glass jar of Himalayan Salt Rocks - a simple and effective way to benefit from essential oils.

Add a drop of Just Sleep blend to the jar of Himalayan Salt and breathe in. 

Immerse yourself in the uplifting and calming scents of bergamot, lavender, and frankincense.  These high quality essential oils create a relaxing atmosphere to help you feel more grounded, happy, and rested.


• Relaxes the nervous system
• Helps you wind down and prepare for bed
• Designed to improve the quality of sleep

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How to use

Add a drop of Just Sleep aromatherapy blend to the jar of Just Rock Himalayan Salt Crystals and breathe in.

Place the jar on your bedside table and use as needed.

You can also place the oil-infused salt rock in your shower. The steam in the air will activate it to release the beneficial aroma - it's like a spa experience at home!

Other ways to benefit from essential oils

You can also use the Just Sleep Aromatherapy blend in your diffuser, essential oil burner, and even in the bath.

Caution: Keep out of the reach of children. Do not consume or apply directly to the skin. Store in a cool, dark place.