Dementia Prevention

Dementia Prevention

A weird fact about me - I’ve had at least 3 concussions!

No, I’m not a rugby player and never enjoyed sport as a child; probably due to poor physical capabilities. No doubt why I fell on my head so many times!

I bring this up because it’s Alzheimer’s Prevention Day, as well as Dementia Awareness week.

Head injuries do seem to have a link to dementia, and combined with my family history, this is cause for concern.


I actually have cause to be hopeful about my brain health, as do you.

No matter if you have family history or genetic susceptibility to dementia. The fact is, dementia risk is hugely dependent on diet and lifestyle. Even the 'dementia gene' is only an indication of susceptibility. It can be switched on or off.

So why are we seeing such scary prevalence of dementia in the UK?

Because of this modern world! Common diet and lifestyle changes are worsening our brain health.


How to reduce dementia risk in the modern world

Lifestyle factors

  • Community: Maintaining social connections and activities with friends, family, and community groups 
  • Brain-Boosting Activities: Challenge cognitive abilities with puzzles, games, learning to play an instrument, reading and studying.
  • Prioritise good sleep
  • Stay active

Nutrition factors

Omega 3

These fats are crucial for brain health, yet our modern diet is lacking.

1) Eat oily fish - small ones like sardines and mackerel which are lower in toxins 🎣

2) Take a fish oil supplement.

Never a random supermarket supplement! These delicate oils easily become rancid, plus they can be contaminated with pollutants and mercury.

At City Survivor we only sell oils independently tested to ensure safety.

3) Eat nuts and seeds. Those highest in Omega 3 include walnuts, flax and chia.

Plants DO NOT contain EPA/DHA Omega 3s we get from fish oil.

So, if you’re vegetarian, add Algae Omega 3 to ensure you’re getting enough. Again, it must be good quality, not rancid.


B vitamins

B6, Folate and B12 are particularly key as they lower blood levels of homocysteine, a risk factor for dementia and cardiovascular disease.

City Survivor's Pollution Protection Multivitamin has these B Vitamins in their best, active forms.

A metal screw top pot with teal abstract cityscape design featuring a pigeon logo. Label text reads City Survivor Pollution Protection Daily Multi with Antioxidants - 60 capsules

And as a bonus it includes high strength antioxidants including CoQ10 and NAC for further brain protection!

Use it, don't lose it

One last thing - if you want to be motivated to buy a sudoku book or improve your social life, read about the ‘Nun Study’.

Researchers of cognitive function studied nuns for years. Some nuns showed no signs of cognitive decline during their lifetimes, yet the researchers were shocked to find physical markers of dementia in their brains at autopsy.

One nun had maintained excellent cognitive scores but after death was discovered to have advanced plaques.

She practised Sudoku everyday!


Further reading: Studies show a daily multivitamin reduces cognitive decline

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